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I reblog pictures that are beautiful, words that inspire, and things that make me laugh. Also some thinspo... I'm working to have the healthy body I deserve.
Stats: 5'2" -- SW:126 -- CW:120 -- GW:110.

BeachBody Challenge. Day 1.

I’m kicking off my serious change to get healthy again. I joined a challenge team, I’m starting Shakeology, Brazil Butt Lift, and TurboJam. I’m seriously so ready for this.

My goals for this challenge:

  • Keep going! I need to stick with this challenge, work my butt off, and get the results I’m capable of reaching. I need to finish all 60 days. 
  • I want to be more self motivated. I’m awful at making myself get up and run, or go to the gym. I’m getting better at this already, but not good enough. Hopefully after this I will be doing so much better! Then I won’t need something as expensive/intense as this challenge. 
  • Dropping these 15 pounds is probably one of my biggest goals. I’ve gained close to 20 pounds in college, but if I just lose 15, I’ll still be at a healthy weight and look better. I feel really bad about my body as it currently is, and the only way it’s going to change is through my hard work. I have clothes that I’m so uncomfortable in right now, and once I drop the weight I’ll be able to wear all of my cute clothes again. :) 

So, here I go! 

I’m still waiting on my shakes & videos to get in (they should be here tomorrow). And I don’t have my meal plan yet… Not sure what’s going on there? But, I’m not letting that keep me from still loving the start of this challenge. 

I had a smoothie for breakfast/lunch. (Which is bad, since I should have eaten twice…) It was a really good smoothie, chocolate peanut butter. It was made of:

  • half a cup of cottage cheese
  • cup of ice
  • cup of water
  • tablespoon pudding mix
  • tablespoon hot chocolate 
  • heaping (oops…) tablespoon of peanut butter

Way too easy, and super yummy as well as filling. 

For dinner I had brown rice (with a little A-1 for flavor), cottage cheese, carrots, cherry tomatoes, and a large salad with vinegar and oil for dressing. It’s such a great meal and really pretty filling. I shouldn’t have waited so long to eat, because it made me feel like I needed more since my stomach had been hungry for so long. 

I’ve had three big glasses of water, about to have another. (Oh, that should be another goal. Drink more water! I’m really bad at that currently). 

My biggest accomplishment of the day: going to Starbucks, and not getting a coffee. I know this sounds so silly, but I’m truly addicted. I need my coffee, and tend to get a little crabby if I don’t. But, I wasn’t crabby at all today. We’ll see how tomorrow without Starbucks goes! ;) 

Alright… That’s it. Wish me luck & HERE I GO! 

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